112 – Surit


01. Mechanic – Submission
02. SHXCXCHCXSH – VVOV [Mord Records]
03. Max Durante – The Beast [aufnahme + wiedergabe]
04. 6SISS – Redo [UX]
05. Michal Jablonski – Higgs [Binary Cells]
06. The Wire Alliance – Diclonex [INSANE INDUSTRY]
07. Uun – Raw Materials [Ego Death]
08. Drop-E – Flagelación [Signal]
09. Swarm Intelligence – Plight [47]
10. NN – Corporate Supremacy [ARTS]
11. CONCEPTUAL – Red Sun [Warm Up Recordings]
12. Endlec – She Scarred Me Badly Again [Mindcut Music]
13. Taken Name – Step Out [HAVEN INTL]
14. Keepsakes – Straight Reptilian [Substantiv]
15. Earwax – Lessons [Pushmaster Discs]
16. Under Black Helmet – Bad Sector [Emerald label]
17. KamavoSian – Spellbound [KRAD]
18. Motive Power – Dissolve [47]
19. Slave To Society – Broken Regimes [PURE HATE]
20. Pablo Bozzi – Faking Jax [BITE]
21. Blind Delon – I Have No Fear (Maelstrom Remix) [Intervision]
22. Delimpasis – Data CNE [Legast]
23. Random Sequence – Tone 2 [Devotion Records]
24. Rove Ranger – Asche [1Ø PILLS MATE]


Surit carries a suitcase containing more than 15 years of experience in electronic music.
Better known as the 50% of NX1 duo, project which started at the end of 2011, he’s been playing around since the early 2000s. After being half of his life in the business Surit is a connoisseur of the scene and has reached such maturity that allows him to deliver his music proposal in a powerful and elegant way. His sets entwine a wide range techno styles, heavy and wet atmospheres which cover the dance floor, harsh noises, rocking breaks and fat basses are his club show signature.
Nowadays he is engaged in various musical projects such as managing his own label Nexe Records, keeping the NX1 project and releasing his own material as well as some other collaborations.


Write for a collaboration with SFNW

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