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Vinyl purists, gear scientists, lo-fi tech-freaks and general purveyors of all forms of hardware, Lucretio and Marieu aka The Analogue Cops are the founders of ‘Restoration Records’. The Analogue Cops made it their objective to bring back the freedom and diversity which characterised house and techno throughout the 90’s. Never compromising their approach or deviating from their militant vision of what underground dance music represents, the Cops have collaborated with a number of trusted affiliates such as Blawan and Steffi, among others. Focusing on solely using analogue hardware gear in their production, the duo aim to foster a new sense of order in electronic music the world over by feeding dancefloors a feast of machine fuelled raw and funked up techno through their renowned ‘Restoration’ imprint.

01. Hi guys, thank you very much for taking the time to speak with Sounds From NoWhere, we’re thrilled to have you with us on our interview space. Please introduce yourself to our readers.

Hello, we are Domenico Cipriani and Alberto Marini, also known as The Analogue Cops, or Lucretio and Marieu.
We come from the suburbs of Padova, but Berlin is our homebase for more than a decade.
Our label ‘Restoration Records’ was founded in 2007 and we released more than 100 records with many different monikers during our career.
We played (live or dj) in many of the most beautiful clubs of the world and also regular guests at the legendary Tresor club in Berlin.

02. We know you briefly, so please let’s start with the formation of your friendship and musical bonds. When did you meet and how did you get to know each other?

We come from two very closed hood of the same suburb. We also shared common friends and a passion for Soulful House music.

03. What kinds of music were you listening to while you were growing up.
In other words, what styles and/or artists have helped sculpt your creative image.

Our first influences were: House, Techno, Hip-Hop and Electro Pop. Later we completely fell in love with Jazz and Dubstep. There are too many artists that shaped our musical taste, but just to name a few: Jeff Mills, UR, Juan Atkins, Maurizio, Anthony Shakir, Cristian Vogel, Horsepower Productions, Masters at Work, Joey Negro, Miles Davis, Snoop Dogg, The Prodigy, John Coltrane, Ennio Morricone, Neil Landstrumm, The Prodigy, Robert Armani, Dj Rashad, Danny Krvit, Robert Hood, El-B, Francesco Farfa.

04. Ten years ago, vinyl and turntables had all but disappeared.
Today, well that’s a different story.
Our research tells us you’re a complete vinyl addict: how has your passion grown over the years?

Well, vinyl is our first love and we always prefer to spinning records.
It’s a body, physical, spiritual and love thing.
Vinyl sounds better in the club if the setup is proper.
And you got to beat match, ain’t no rekordbox or sync button.
It’s such a real thing.

05. What was your first vinyl purchase and what did it mean to you?

(Lucretio) – Artist Unknown ‘’Future” on DiskoB.
(Marieu) – Dennis Ferrer ”Hit it Off” on Defected Records.
We feel blessed and joyful everytime we buy a new record.

06. Like many other artists, at some point you decided to move to Berlin.
Then you founded ‘Restoration Records’, which has been heavily involved in the deconstruction and reshaping of the house and techno sound, since you moved to the German capital from the outskirts of Padova.
Having been there for about a decade, do you consider Berlin to be your home?

Berlin is a great city with a very dense history.
Many things have changed during the years but it’s still a place where many beautiful people are living or passing by.
And we have always been feeling at home here.

07. Has the move changed your working method, or the way you make music?

Not the move, but the experience gained through the time.
And the fact that we consider Techno a cutting edge form of music.

08. The Analogue Cops’ style sounds like little else out there and is quite unique.
How do you go about creating such a singular design?

I think it’s a mix of all the many different influences we gained in the past.
And it’s also shaped by our never-ending aspiration to solid powerful sound and our experimental approach to synthesis and sound design.

09. Are you mostly driven to work with unpredictability and exploring new sounds when writing or you start with a specific structure in mind?
What is your production flow and do you each have a different approach to it?

Sometimes we start with an idea, other times we let machines drive us to their funky side.
We have different style and techniques, of course.

10. After more than 10 years in the game, producing and DJing together, is it ever hard to find the motivation and inspiration?

It’s not hard to find inspiration and motivation, sometimes music business (especially recently, with all this social boomshit and overPR) gets on your nerves, but it is what it is.
There are still many promoters doing amazing parties, producers and djs making great stuff and music lovers who dance till the end of the night or who buy your records even if they don’t have any turntable.
Love for the music keeps you grooving.

11. What kind of mix have you prepared for Sounds From NoWhere this time, did you have a certain focus in mind before making it?

It’s a pumping mix, at the boundaries between techno and house.
With many old gems and many new cuts.


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