114 – Torn Relics


01. Torn Relics – Banshee (Unreleased)
02. Roly Porter – Passage [Subtext Recordings]
03. SWARMM – Jitter [Holotone]
04. ABSL & Simo Cell – Put Less [Voitax]
05. Ryuji Takeuchi – Paradise Lost [Local Sound Network]
06. Samuel Kerridge – WOSN [Contort Records]
07. HIDE – Pain [Dais Records]
08. Hålbå – Invisible War [SHISHI]
09. Years of Denial – Genocide Cheat [Modular Mind]
10. Black Merlin – Verticle Shadow [Pinkman]
11. Regis – The Blind Departing [Downwards Records]
12. The Loud Age – Die Unzeitgemäßen (Sur La Maladie Pt. 2) [Persephonic Sirens]
13. Maenad Veyl – Hardened Arteries [Veyl]
14. Current 909 – Annui (Umwelt Remix) [aufnahme + wiedergabe]
15. Torn Relics – Lock – Down (Unreleased)
16. Second Spectre – Sins of the Flesh [Etang Brulant]
17. Silent Servant – Temptation and Desire [Hospital Productions]
18. Lunapark – Komm her [Blow Up]

Torn Relics is a experimental electronic duo, that combine tribalistic soundscapes with cyber-punk-power-electronics to form an arcane sound palette.
Romek Boyer creates the percussive backbone, with a heavy blend of modular electronics and drumming, while Aimee Mullen fuses violin with eerie vocals into this potent mixture.
Their intense live performances, juxtapose chaos with harmony.



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