046 – Tracy


01. Varg – Mount Analogue (Original Mix) [Northern Electronics]
02. O/V/R – Metal Slipper (Original Mix) [BlueprintRecords]
03. Henning Baer – Canadian Suit (Original Mix) [MANHIGH]
04. Claro Intelecto – Blank CC (Original Mix) [Delsin Records]
05. KIKE PRAVDA – Exoplanet (Original Mix) [SENOID Recordings]
06. Reeko – The Day After 3 (Original Mix) [Mental Disorder]
07. Kamikaze Space Programme – Type 2 (Original Mix) [Killekill]
08. DVS1 – Decreasing (Original Mix) [HUSH]
09. Aiken – Research (Original Mix) [Non Series]
10. Antigone & François X – Ready To Escape (Original Mix) [DEMENT3D]
11. Varg – Västra Skogen (Original Mix) [Semantica Records]
12. Rommek – Off The Radar (Original Mix) [BlueprintRecords]
13. Fiedel – Substance B (Original Mix) [Ostgut Ton]
14. Christian Wünsch – Emission Lines (Original Mix) [Pole Group]
15. Tracy – Acute Reflection (Original Mix) [Nachtstrom Schallplatten]

Tracy is a dj & producer active from the mid of 00’s, is well known as co-founder and member of Sonntag Morgen, realized in collaboration with MTD, a mirror that reflects all is fancy to explore techno, dub and the boundaries of experimental works.
Surely one of the most interesting figures of the underground scene, Tracy have played almost all over the Italy from north to south and not only, as we can see from one go the last times at Tresor Berlin.
Have a good listening.


Write for a collaboration with SFNW

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