053 – TWR72


01. Oisel – Limbo (Original Mix) [Arsenik Records]
02. Leghau – Oppressive Environment (Original Mix) [Float Records]
03. Oisel – Variabile (Original Mix) [Arsenik Records]
04. PTTRN – 180130 (Original Mix) / Untitled
05. Birth of Frequency – Frosty (Original Mix) [Raw Raw Records]
06. TWR72 – Untitled / Untitled
07. Mod21 – Barra Nayek (Original Mix) [Mental Modern]
08. TWR72 – Untitled / Untitled
09. Roland Werk – Schnee (Original Mix) [XLR1507]
10. Birth of Frequency – Beware (Original Mix) [Raw Raw Records]
11. Steve Parker – Phase One (Original Mix) [Planet Rhythm]
12. Pvre Matrix – Hyper Object (Original Mix) [LIES Records News]
13. Psyk – Fist (Original Mix) [Tresor Records]
14. Leghau – In Order To (Original Mix) [Float Records]
15. Singular Anomalies – Harmony Node (Original Mix) [Greta Recordings]

TWR72 pioneers a forward thinking approach towards electronic music: a fusing and pulsing rhythm with a cutting drive, binding it with a strong signature groove.
In this exclusive mix the Dutch talent gives us a taste of his floor-rocking and uncompromising sound, which rocked all the European dancefloors during the years.
Have a good listening.


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