072 – Unbalance


01. Eyes Of Black (Intro)
02. Amandra – Caftan (Original Mix) [Edit Select Records]
03. Bnjmn – Indub (Original Mix) [Delsin Records]
04. B.I.A.S. – River Blood (Original Mix) [Koslif]
05. LDS – Dub Tapes from Outer Space (Original Mix) [Transatlantic]
06. Wrong Assessment – Rebirth (Original Mix) [AWRY]
07. Antigone – Perchance To Dream (Original Mix) [Token Records]
08. Ingwaz – Tjue To (Original Mix) [Utopica Vision]
09. Juan Trujillo – Doblenalog (Original Mix) [Wunderblock Records]
10. David Löhlein – Submissus (Original Mix) [Gynoid Audio]
11. Rene Wise – Spirit Molecule (Original Mix) [Mote-Evolver]
12. Deano – Tension (Original Mix) [Knowledge Imprint]
13. Stef Mendesidis – Valley Of Machines (Original Mix) [Klockworks]
14. Victoria.52 – Departure (Trunkline Remix) [Epione records]
15. Jokasti Nek – Run (Original Mix) [Mord Records]
16. Yotam Avni – Death In Goa (Original Mix) [ODD / EVEN]
17. Akenaton – Buena Actitud (Original Mix)
18. dotwav – Nacht (Original Mix) [ENOTAKTIK]
19. Jonas Kopp – Iamik (Original Mix) [Follow The Flow]
20. Giordano – Bad Refledtion (Original Mix) [Decision Making Theory]
21. Deano – Traction (Original Mix) [Knowledge Imprint]
22. Wrong Assessment – Neglect (Original Mix) [AWRY]
23. Seph – Faceless (Original Mix) [Aula Magna Records]
24. Emmanuel – Bride Of Quietness (Original Mix) [ARTS]

Born in Siberia, Unbalance debuted in 2008 and it took a few years to create his own unique style. In his music you can find distinct symbiosis of strong emotions and industrial themes, which is eclectic and conjoins with technically accurate treatment in music story making.
In a series of records, released on the same name record label, Unbalance could realize his ideas fully – this fresh sound was a bombshell and it was demonstrated with his live performance in Berghain club, world’s techno Mecca, only a year and series of gigs in another legendary club Tresor.
In 2018, artist released his debut LP “TEN” on own label Unbalance Records, completing the history of the imprint with a multifaceted and a deep utterance at the border between techno, ambient and broken rhythms.
In his performances Unbalance endeavors to combine a whole techno ages, gives his due to classic techno, gets inspiration in futuristic sound and mixing it with a modern techno wave, which is what he is.


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