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Sounds From NoWhere welcomes aboard the Berlin-based dj& producer Van der Meer (KONFLKT).
Van Der Meer (formerly part of dotwav) is a Berlin-based techno producer and and DJ, who has played in some of the biggest clubs in Berlin, including Tresor Berlin, Anomalie, and Griessmühle, Berlin, Germany.
He is also an award-winning film music composer, who has crafted captivating soundtracks for multiple hit series on top streaming services such as Amazon Prime & Sky.
As a film composer, Van Der Meer has developed a keen understanding of human emotions and how they can be expressed through music.
He uses this knowledge to create tracks that are not only powerful but also deeply emotional.
His tracks have been played by some of the most prominent DJs in the industry, such as Chris Liebing, Kobosil and Paula Temple.
Born between the vibrant cities of Berlin and the sunny Canary Islands, he was immersed in a multicultural environment from a young age.
Skilled in spanish and classical guitar, his musical journey began with hip-hop before moving on to explore the world of techno.
Eventually, his passion for music led him to the realm of film composition, where he has been blending the worlds of techno and film music ever since, creating music with an unique style and versatility.

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