167 – Violet Poison


01. Unreleased
02. Unreleased
03. Unreleased
04. Unreleased
05. Pablo Bozzi – Hotswitch [Dischi Autunno]
06. Unreleased
07. Unreleased
08. Unreleased
09. Paschen’s Law – Magnifying Transmitter [Walhalla Records]
10. Unreleased
11. Unreleased
12. Unreleased
13. Unreleased
14. Unreleased
15. Inverted Sides – Deidad Hipnota (Lume & Violet Poison Remix) [L/N/E Rec.]

Sounds From NoWhere welcomes aboard the Italian producer Violet Poison (VelenoViola).
Violet Poison is the EBM/Wave moniker used by Francesco Baudazzi, previously known as Obtane, co-founder of Zooloft Records, alongside Giorgio Gigli.
He played gigs in Europe, USA, Russia and released music on labels such Hospital Productions, Opal Tapes, Kess Kill and Haunted Air Records, just to name a few.
He runs his own label named Veleno Viola, focused on Proto-EBM and Industrial.

We are always looking for new talents.

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