084 – VSK


01. Oake – Kapitel Drei Rechs Zegon (Original Mix) [Downwards Records]
02. Tommy Four Seven – Neuromorph (Original Mix) [47]
03. Smear – Transect (Patrick Walker’s Broadwave Execution Mix) [Forward Strategy Group]
04. Christian Wunsch – Handcuffs (Original Mix) [Concerns Music]
05. Single Cell – Insurgents (Mike Parker Remix) [Intermission Ltd]
06. Sciahri – Linfa (Original Mix) [Sublunar]
07. Par Grindvik – Rested (Original Mix) [Stockholm LTD]
08. Stef Mendesidis – Cyborg (Original Mix) [Projekts]
09. Sleeparchive – Session Six (Original Mix) [Sleeparchive]
10. Kastil – Arcanism (Original Mix) [Falling Ethics]
11. Ritzi Lee – S.O.S (Original Mix) [Belief System Records]
12. Obscurum – Dom (Fanon Flowers Mix) [Mechanisms Industries]
13. Oliver Rosemann – Unmaker (Original Mix) [MindTrip]
14. UVB – I Will Always Hate You (Original Mix) [Monnom Black]
15. Agony Forces – Oramics (Original Mix) [Warm Up Recordings]
16. Ancient Methods feat. Prurient – Walking On Cursed Soil (Original Mix) [Ancient Methods]

Francesco Visconti, better known as VSK, is an Italian techno dj and producer, born in Rome in 1986 and based in Berlin.
Since his earliest youth he has had a huge passion for electronic music, and through hanging out at the famous record store from the Capital “Remix”, he was introduced to the world of djing when he was only 16 years old.
He has got familiar to different forms of techno, his style ranging from a sound usually very hard and dark, often with industrial influences, to a very different one, deeper and more mental, both still easily recognizable as coming from the same mind.
At the same time he met the artist Ken Karter, who introduced him to the world of production and mastering.
He began an education as an audio-engineer and sound-designer, in music and especially in television, working in different recording studios; currently he does this alongside his artistic career.
In 2017 he started performing live, both individually and as part of a duo with the Serbian artist Scalameriya. This collaboration brought to several relevant releases on the British labels Power Vacuum and the legendary Perc Trax, as well as leading to their appearance in the Mord Records box 002.
At the same time he took part in the latest VA on the amazing “47” label along with Ancient Methods, OAKE and the label owner Tommy Four Seven.
He also signed 47’s third solo Ep, following those by Headless Horseman and Killawatt.


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