100 – Zadig


01. Global Electronic Network – Time Square part 2 [Sound Metaphors]
02. Mark Pritchard – The Hologram [Ho Hum Records Ltd.]
03. NRLSD – Stepback [Man Band] (Forthcoming)
04. Porn Sword Tobacco – B Untitled [Acido Records]
05. Forest Drive West – Drift [Echocord Records]
06. Pan Sonic – Liuos [Blast Fire]
07. Bauri – Wobby Rhodes [FireScope Records]
08. Elemnt – Circle Of Light #1 [Hidden Hawaii]
09. Conforce – Void [Delsin Records]
10. Caustic 14 – Technosis (Electro-mix) [Basic Moves]
11. Synkro & Arovane – Rhizome [Apollo Records]
12. Sciahri – Departure [Ilian Tape]
13. Mike Parker – Ilium Sphere [Repitch Recordings]
14. Conforce – IO [Delsin Records]
15. CHEVEL – Teens [Vae Victis]
16. Skee Mask – 800AB [Ilian Tape]
17. Sonar Base – II [Deeptrax Records]
18. NRLSD – Garbage Time [Man Band] (Forthcoming)
19. Aleksi Perala – NI-L56- 18-07449 [Djax Up Beats]
20. Conforce – Orbital Resonance [Delsin Records]
21. Karen Gwyer – Caught You [Oscillate Tracks]
22. Percy X – Find Yourself [Soma Records]
23. Versalife – Missing Link [Transcendent Records]
24. Brieuc – Sup’hair Coup [Comic Sans Records]
25. Voiski – MRS FCO [Super 95]

One of the leading names in Paris’ contemporary scene, Zadig is one of the main forces responsible for the return of the City of Light to worldwide prominence as a centre for forward-looking techno.
A participant in the ‘90s French rave scene in the hardcore and acid days, Sylvain Peltier found his true inspiration with the arrival of Mills, Surgeon, and Beltram and labels like Tresor, Lost, and Synewave New York and the techno that his style remains rooted in to this day.
After moving to Paris in the mid-2000s, Zadig became quickly involved in the beginnings of what would become the present-day Parisian upswing, making an early release in 2006 as Day is Dying on the Rouen-based Euro Visions label. In 2009 he returned, this time as Zadig and this time to stay, quickly forging a relationship with the important Syncrophone label and distributor in Paris.
There has not been any looking back since, and as Paris’ techno scene continues to rise from the ashes of the early 2000s to the vibrant, world-recognized heights it now occupies, Zadig has made essential contributions to this ascendancy.
Starting in 2011, he launched his Construct Re-Form label, which has gone on to a residency at the legendary Rex Club Paris and continues to debut and support bracing new French talent like Antigone, Voiski, Birth of Frequency, and Zadig himself.
His own discography also continues to grow, with releases on the reknown Deeply Rooted House in 2013, the New York-based Chronicle, Children of Tomorrow, and continued support from Syncrophone, as well as compilation appearances on Tresor, Reclaim Your City, and Studio R°.
As Zadig’s reputation as a leader in the French scene has spread, he has gone on to play numerous dates around Europe, with appearances in Berghain / Panorama Bar and a deepening relationship with Tresor, at both CONCRETE and the Weather Festival in Paris, and worldwide in New York and Argentina, alongside scene-leading contemporary talent and legends like: Scion, RØDHÅD, Peter Van Hoesen, DVS1, Inigo Kennedy, Samuli Kemppi, Jonas Kopp, Johannes Volk, Shifted, Lucy, and many more.
2015 saw the debut of his Unforeseen Alliance live collaborative project with label mates Voiski, Antigone, and Birth of Frequency, all of whom have moved on to increasing success as both Zadig and Construct Re-Form have gained recognition.
With Paris’ resurgent club scene blossoming to worldwide attention not seen since the ‘90s, it is the dedicated efforts of those like Sylvain Peltier who have helped to bring about this revival and continue to lead it to new heights.
As Zadig, as a label head, as a DJ, and as a central figure in its continued growth, he is an essential figure in its present and a leading light for its future.


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