039 – Zanias


  1. Loess – Untitled (Original Mix)
  2. Mogano – Anunnaki (Original Mix) [Arboretum]
  3. Ancient Methods – Andromeda (Featuring Zanias, Daniel Myer Bootleg Club Mix) [Candela Rising]
  4. Ancient Methods – Built On Scars (Original Mix) [metaphysik]
  5. Alessandro Adriani – One Minute (After Death) [Pinkman Broken Dreams]
  6. DsorDNE – Aria (Phase Fatale Remix) [Blacksilk]
  7. Erika – North Hex (Patrick Russel Reshape) [Interdimensional Transmissions]
  8. DMT – Bardo Thodol (Original Mix)
  9. ALVAR – If This Is You (Original Mix) [Alvaret Tape Rekordings]
  10. Rhys Fulber – Abstraction (Original Mix) [Sonic Groove]
  11. Dominowe S.A – Newlands Mgido (Original Mix) [GQOM OH]
  12. Kanding Ray – Dotted (Original Mix) [Candela Rising]
  13. Dominowe S.A – Africa’s Cry (Original Mix) [GQOM OH]
  14. DMT – Transdimensional (Original Mix)
  15. The Klinik – Moving Hands (Helena Hauff Remix) [The Vinyl Factory]
  16. Unhuman – Confessions of a Girl (Original Mix)
  17. Schwefelgelb – Um Meine Haut (Original Mix)
  18. TRISOMIE 21 – No Search For Us (The Hacker Remix) [Play It Again Sam]
  19. Aurora Halal – Shapeshifter (Original Mix) [Mutual Dreaming]
  20. Privacy – NCSC (Original Mix) [Klakson Records]
  21. Ayarcana – Despite Everything (Original Mix) [OMEN Recordings]
  22. Anetha – Last Evening (Original Mix) [Work Them Records]
  23. Forces – Bell of Light (Original Mix) [Fleisch]
  24. Elisabeth DIXON – Dispose (Original Mix) [Instruments of Discipline]
  25. Elisabeth DIXON – Technique of Self (Original Mix) [Instruments Of Discipline]
  26. Cruel Boyz – Cruel Dance (Remake) [GQOM OH]
  27. Phon_o – Tw33tz (Original Mix) [50Weapons]
  28. Sawf – Kofta (Original Mix) [Vanila]
  29. In Death It Ends – Blind Faith (Original Mix) [The Scrap Mag]
  30. Boy Harsher – Suitor (Original Mix) [No-Tech]
  31. Stephanie Sykes – Walking Alone (Original Mix) [Prodigal Son]
  32. SØS Gunver Ryberg – Skolezit (Original Mix) [Contort]
  33. Halv Drøm – Forceful Disposition (Original Mix)
  34. Zanias – Follow the Body (Exit Body Remix) [Noiztank]
  35. OPERANT – New Limbs (Original Mix) [Instruments of Discipline]
  36. Dead Can Dance – Sanvean (Original Mix) [4AD]

Zanias is a DJ, vocalist, producer and performer, and co-conspirator behind the Berlin Fleisch collective and record label (home of Schwefelgelb, Rendered, Forces and Dissocio Modus Trans).
She is also the founder of a new event series called HÄXAN, set to begin at Berlin’s ARENA BERLIN Club in September 2017.
In all her potentially dissonant endeavours she maintains her focus around the dark and melodic fringes of techno, the kind that encourages an inward journey towards cathartic transcendence while the body takes control.
Using the alien realms of acid and muscle-moving basslines of electronic body music as her raw material, she is unafraid to explore moments of ethereal fragility alongside an inclination toward relentless driving force.


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